Membership Services Department

Interim Director of Membership Services……………………………….. Stanley Taylor

Membership Services Coordinator……………………………… Delores Diggs

Interim Membership Services Coordinator……………………. Kirk D. Carrington


The membership services department is composed of the Director and three Membership Coordinators. The major tasks of the department are customer service/fulfillment, membership database management, management of the Alpha Shop and administration of the Membership Intake Process.

The main goal of the department is to render support and assistance to our members by addressing their customer service needs. The membership coordinators spend 65% of the work day assisting members and aspirants with questions, concerns and requests. The other 35% is used processing payments/remittances, processing applications and order fulfillment. When items are requested it is the responsibility of a membership coordinator to provide the item(s) to the member in a timely manner. Examples of fulfillment requests would include membership items, shingles, reports, forms/documents and manuals.

The membership management system(AlphaNET) was designed to store and generate member, chapter and aspirant information. This system contains vital information for over 275,000 individuals. It is a secured site that is used by Corporate Headquarters staff to record payments, track and update membership records. The department also uses this system for distribution, processing and storing of aspirant information.

The Alpha Shop is the fraternity’s venue where customer (members and non members) can purchase items for personal and/or chapter use or as a gift. Most items sold through the Alpha Shop can be viewed and purchased online. The department is responsible for updating and tracking inventory, processing and fulfillment of orders and customer service. Items that can be purchased from the Alpha Shop include but are not limited to fraternal jewelry, books, manuals, paraphernalia, and membership items.

Finally, the department is responsible for assisting with the Membership Intake Process. In conjunction with the Regional Vice Presidents, the department is responsible for orchestrating the fraternity’s membership intake program. Primary duties of the department are to ensure that applications are sent to all aspirants upon request, to assist with aspirant concerns and questions, to provide field leadership with intake materials, to process aspirant applications in the membership management system, and to fulfill membership material requests for each aspirant.