A breathtaking documentary about how Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity conceived, developed, nurtured and led the movement to build a memorial in honor of its most iconic member and civil rights legend Brother Martin Luther King, Jr. This historical DVD takes an in-depth look at the history of the monument, featuring interviews from members of King’s family, civil rights legends, past general presidents, Alpha members of Congress, NPHC national leaders and other international leaders.


Also included in the DVD is footage of the fraternity’s pilgrimages to Selma Montgomery and Birmingham, Ala.; Memphis, Tenn.; and Atlanta, Ga., retracing the steps of Brother King from a young boy, to a preacher, to an American icon.

Special features in this once-in-a-lifetime DVD presentation include the Alpha dedication program in August 2011 and the October 16, 2011 President Obama dedication program as well.


This documentary, BUILDING THE DREAM: The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, is a record of American history that every school should have in their library and every family should own.


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